Neteorit je sklop različnih teoretsko-umetniških dejavnostih, ki so se tekom 2013/14 odvijale v Kleti Moderne galerije, z letom 2015 pa se bodo nadaljevale v Muzeju sodobne umetnosti v Ljubljani.

Dejavnosti organizirajo različni posamezniki in društva, zato pa se tudi program dopolnjuje in oblikuje sproti. Če želite sodelovati (imate idejo za predavanje, bi želeli pripravljati svoj bralni krožek, …ipd..), nas kontaktirajte na


Neteorit is a self-organized program of lectures, talks and debates related to art, theory and politics  that take place in Moderna galerija (MG+MSUM), that supports the program by offering museum spaces and some facilities free of charge.Neteorit is run by various collectives and individuals (artists, philosophers, students,  activists)  who organize it according to their interests and needs. Most events are open for public and there is no entrance fee. Although the program sometimes receives public funding, it is still largely dependent on voluntary work of the members of the collective who hope that this will not become a regular practice.Begining in 2013 two primary research modules were formed and several reading seminars and lectures organized:

-Reading seminar and lectures: Foucault: Epistemology-Body (focusing on epistemology, processes of knowledge in different kinds of practices and also their material and their political aspects).

-Series of lectures on Wittgenstein

-Theory of contemporary art 1 (focusing on the artist as a precarious worker, conditions of production within contemporary art, relational aesthetics, cognitive labor)


In the year 2015 the curriculum will include also the seminar of curatorial theory and practices, the seminar of critical theory of society and the Analysis of contemporary art practices (“Words and works”). The new research projects are still to be determined.

“Neteorit” also collaborates with ŠUM that co-organizes the research modules focusing on contemporary art.

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